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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Business Management

© Building a nursery network in California's cen­tral coast region

Serrill, W. D. Native Plants Journal 12(3):285-288. 2011.

Commercialisation and international market po­tential of Finnish silvicultural machines

Hallongren, H. and Rantala, J. Silva Fennica 46(4):583-593. 2012.

Nursery costing: the "easy" way

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Nursery footprint — a carbon footprinting tool for the Australian nursery and garden industry

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Recycling plastic: how to reduce and amount of plastic ending up in landfills

Newman, J. Greenhouse Management 32(2):18-21. 2012.

Reduce greenhouse production costs

Latimer, J. G. American Nurseryman 210(4):18-20, 22-23. 2012.

Container Production

Determining trace gas flux from container-grown woody ornamentals

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Managing algae in the greenhouse

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New pots and procedures for propagating land­scape trees

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© An overview of climate and crop yield in closed greenhouses

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© Propagation protocol for bigtooth maple (Acer grandidentatum Nutt.)

Woodruff, K. J., Regan, D. J., and Davis, A. S. Native Plants Journal 13(3):191-194. 2012.

Safe procurement and production manual: a sys­tems approach for the production of healthy nursery stock

Griesbach, J. A., Parke, J. L., Chastagner, G. A., Grunwald, N. J., and Aguirre, J. Oregon Association of Nurseries, Wilsonville, OR. 2011.

Diverse Species

Aronia: cultural and production considerations as an alternative crop

Ristvey, A. G. and Mathew, S. A. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:463-468. 2012.

© Assessing ecosystem function of restoration plantings in south-eastern Australia

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© Biology, ecology, and conservation of Navasota ladies' tresses (Spiranthes parksii Correll), an en­dangered terrestrial orchid of Texas

Wonkka, C. L., Rogers, W. E., Smeins, F. E., and Hammons, J. R. Native Plants Journal 13(3):237-243. 2012.

© Boiling water scarification plus stratification improves germination of Iliamna rivularis (Malva­ceae) seeds

Himanen, K., Nygren, M., and Dumroese, R. K. Native Plants Journal 13(3):244-254. 2012.

California native plants: easier to promote than to propagate

Evans, M. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:202-203. 2012.

© Chilling requirements to break dormancy of Veratrum californicum

Sun, Y., White, S. A., Mann, D., and Adelberg, J. HortScience 47(12):1710-1713. 2012.

© Comparison of floristic diversity between young conifer plantations and second-growth adja­cent forests in California's northern interior

James, C. E., Krumland, B., and Taylor, D. W. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 27(2):60-71. 2012.

© Cultivation and irrigation of fernleaf biscuit-root (Lomatium dissectum) for seed production

Shock, M. P., Shock, C. C., Feibert, E. B. G., and Shaw, N. L. HortScience 47(10):1525-1528. 2012.

© The desert fan palm Washingtonia filifera

Purcell, J. Native Plants Journal 13(3):184-188. 2012.

© Dormancy and germination pre-treatments in Willamette Valley native plants

Russell, M. Northwest Science 85(2):389-402. 2011.

© Effect of fungicide on Wyoming big sagebrush seed germination

Cox, R. D., Kosberg, L. H., Shaw, N. L., and Hardegree, S. P. Native Plants Journal 12(3):263-267. 2011.

Effect of magnetic field treatment on germination of medicinal plants Salvia officinalis L. and Calendula officinalis L.

Florez, M., Martinez, E., and Carbonell, M. V. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 21(1):57-63. 2012.

© Effects of seed source and pre-planting treat­ment on emergence of Juniperus scopulorum Sarg. in a Great Plains nursery

Tauer, P. K., Will, R. E., and Porterfield, J. D. Native Plants Journal 12(3):241-248. 2011.

Fruits, seeds and germination in five species of globose Cacteae (Cactaceae)

Loza-Cornejo, S., Terrazas, T., and Lopez-Mata, L. Interciencia 37(3):197-203. 2012.

© Genecology and seed zones for Indian ricegrass collected in the southwestern United States

Johnson, R. C., Cashman, M. J., and Vance-Borland, K. Rangeland Ecology and Management 65:523-532. 2012.

© Germination in five shrub species of Maritime Pine understory — does seed provenance matter?

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© Germination of three native Lupinus species in response to temperature

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© Germination response of grassland species to plant-derived smoke

Schwilk, D. W. and Zavala, N. Journal of Arid Environments 79:111-115. 2012.

Growth of cane (Arundinaria sensu stricto), the mysterious native bamboo of North America

Campbell, J. J. N. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:334-345. 2012.

© Impact of seedbed and water level on the estab­lishment of plant species associated with bog pools

Landry, T., Rochefort, L., and Poulin, M. Native Plants Journal 13(3):205-215. 2012.

© In vitro propagation of Trillium species with notes on root formation, cleaning protocols, and media formulations

Gagliardo, R., Labarthe, M., Zaic, M., and Cruse-Sanders, J. Native Plants Journal 13(1):56-63. 2012.

© Mating system analysis of Alnus maritima (Seaside alder), a rare riparian tree

Jones, J. M. and Gibson, J. P. Castanea 77(1):11-20. 2012.

© Monitoring roadside revegetation projects

Steinfeld, D., Kern, J., Gallant, G., and Riley, S. Native Plants Journal 12(3):269-275. 2011.

© No-till drill planting of Texas bluegrass on the southern plains

Goldman, J. J. Native Plants Journal 13(1):51-54. 2012.

© Non-native grass removal and shade increase soil moisture and seedling performance during Ha­waiian dry forest restoration

Thaxton, J. M., Cordell, S., Cabin, R. J., and Sandquist, D. R. Restoration Ecology 20(4):475-482. 2012.

Optimization of select native seed propagation

Huff, S. H., Harkness, R. L., Baldwin, B. S., Bachman, G. R., and Blythe, E. K. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:499-504. 2012.

© Outplanting but not seeding establishes native desert perennials

Abella, S. R., Craig, D. J., and Suazo, A. A. Native Plants Journal 13(2):81-89. 2012.

© Partial shade, irrigation, and added nutrients maximize dry matter yield of American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora L.)

Similien, A., Shannon, D. A., Wood, C. W., and van Santen, E. HortScience 47(2):1705-1709. 2012.

Propagating sweet fern

Lubell, J. American Nurseryman 210(4):26-29. 2012.

© Propagation of Vaccinium membranaceum and V. myrtilloides by seeds, hardwood stem, and rhi­zome cutting methods

McKechnie, I. M., Burton, P. J., and Massicotte, H. B. Native Plants Journal 13(3):223-234. 2012.

© Propagation protocol for blackbrush (Coleo­gyne ramosissima Torr. [Rosaceae])

Graham, J. Native Plants Journal 13(3):201-203. 2012.

© Propagation protocol for mountain huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum)

Regan, D. J., Woodruff, K. J., and Davis, A. S. Native Plants Journal 13(1):14-18. 2012.

Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic Concepts

Dumroese, R. K., Landis, T. D., and Luna, T. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-274. 2012.

© Reduction of seed dormancy of Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. by in-dark seed selection and breeding

Qu, L. and Widrlechner, M. P. Industrial Crops and Products 36:88-93. 2012.

© Response of selected wildflower species to saline water irrigation

Niu, G., Rodriguez, D. S., and McKenney, C. HortScience 47(9):1351-1355. 2012.

© Restoring the rare Kentucky lady's slipper orchid to the Kisatchie National Forest

Barnett, J. P., Allen, K., and Moore, D. Native Plants Journal 13(2):98-106. 2012.

© Reviving, in vitro differentiation, development, and micropropagation of the rare and endangered moss Bruchia vogesiaca (Bruchiaceae)

Sabovljevic, M., Vujicic, M., Sekulic, J. S., and Segarra-Moragues, J. G. HortScience 47(9):1347-1350. 2012.

Rooting success of summer softwood cuttings of box huckleberry (Gaylussacia brachycera)

Kidwell-Slak, D. and Pooler, M International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:398-401. 2012.

© Safening of native grass to herbicides by using carbon bands

Grichar, W. J., Lloyd-Reilley, J., Rahmes, J., Ocumpaugh, W. R., and Foster, J. L. Weed Technology 26:499-505. 2012.

Sagebrush steppe restoration final report

Sands, A. and Moser, A. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, March 24, 2012. 19 p. 2012.

© Seed germination ecology of three imperiled plants of rock outcrops in the southeastern United States

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Seed propagation of several high-elevation Cali­fornia natives

Funston, N. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:204-206. 2012.

© Seed treatment optimizes benefits of seed bank storage for restoration-ready seeds: the feasibility of prestorage dormancy alleviation for mine-site revegetation

Turner, S. R., Steadman, K. J., Vlahos, S., Koch, J. M., and Dixon, K. W. Restoration Ecology online. 2012.

© Seed weights for northern Rocky Mountain native plants, with an emphasis on Glacier National Park

Wiese, J. L., Meadow, J. F., and Lapp, J. A. Native Plants Journal 13(1):39-49. 2012.

© Seed-feeding insects impacting globemallow seed production

Hammon, R. and Franklin, M. Native Plants Journal 13(2):95-97. 2012.

© Simple sequence repeat markers from Cercis canadensis show wide cross-species transfer and use in genetic studies

Wadl, P. A., Trigiano, R. N., Werner, D. J., Pooler, M. R., and Rinehart, T. A. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Sciences 137(3):189-201. 2012.

© Soil seedbanks and long-term seed survival in the endangered Florida beach clusterine (Jacquemon­tia reclinata House [Convolvulaceae])

Pascarella, J. B., Maschinski, J., and Wright, S. J. Native Plants Journal 12(3):233-240. 2011.

© Some insects affecting Penstemon seed pro­duction

Hammon, R. and Franklin, M. Native Plants Journal 13(2):107-110. 2012.

© Survival of bristly locust (Robinia hispida L.) in an emulated organic silvopasture

Burner, D. M. and Burke, J. M. Native Plants Journal 13(3):195-200. 2012.

Using Tree Shelters as Deep Containers

Bainbridge, D. A. Tree Planters' Notes 55(2):49-54. 2012.

© Viability of blackbrush seed (Coleogyne ramo­sissima Torr. [Rosaceae])

Pendleton, R. L., Pendleton, B. K., Meyer, S. E., Carlson, S., and Morrison, E. Native Plants Journal 13(1):5-13. 2012.

Fertilization and Nutrition

© Cultivation of Norway spruce and Scots pine on organic nitrogen improves seedlings morphology and field performance

Gruffman, L., Ishida, T., Nor-din, A., and Nasholm, T. Forest Ecology and Management 276:118-124. 2012.

Effect of fall-applied nitrogen on growth, nitro­gen storage, and frost hardiness of bareroot Larix olgensis seedlings

Li, G., Liu, Y., Zhu, Y., Li, Q., and Dumroese, R. K. Silva Fennica 46(3):345-354. 2012.

© Effects of fertilizer placement on trace gas emissions from nursery container production

Marble, S. C., Prior, S. A., Runion, G. B., and Torbert, H. A. HortScience 47(8):1056-1062. 2012.

© The feasibility of organic nutrient management in large-scale sweet corn production for processing

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© Fertilizer properties of DCHA/FE3+

Nadal, P., Garcia-Marco, S., Escudero, R., and Lucena, J. J. Plant and Soil 356-367-379. 2012.

© Irrigation frequency alters nutrient uptake in container-grown Rhododendron plants grown with different rates of nitrogen

Scagel, C. F., Bi, G., Fuchigami, L. H., and Regan, R. P. HortScience 47(2):189-197. 2012.

© Methods for determining nitrogen release from controlled-release fertilizers used for vegetable production

Carson, L. C. and Ozores-Hampton, M. HortTechnology 22(1):20-24. 2012.

Navigating the organic route: how to use or­ganic fertilizers

Burnett, S. Greenhouse Management 32(1):67-69. 2012.

© Nursery response of container Pinus palustris seedlings to nitrogen supply and subsequent effects on outplanting performance

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© Nutrient limitation on terrestrial plant growth — modeling the interaction between nitrogen and phosphorus

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© Past, present and future of organic nutrients

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© Review: nitrogen assimilation in crop plants and its affecting factors

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© Vermicompost leachate alleviates deficiency of phosphorus and potassium in tomato seedlings

Arthur, G. D., Aremu, A. O., Kulkarni, M. G., and Van Staden, J. HortScience 47(9):1304-1307. 2012.

General and Miscellaneous

Climatic consequences of afforestation

Fung, I. and Swann, A. IN: Physics of sustainable energy II: using energy efficiently and producing it renewably. AIP Conference Proceedings 1401:211-219. 2011.

© Decentralization of tree seedling supply sys­tems for afforestation in the west of Yunnan Prov­ince, China

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© Designing Nelder wheel plots for tree density experiments

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© Do eucalypt plantations provide habitat for na­tive forest biodiversity?

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Forestry and Tree Planting in New York State

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Forestry and Tree Planting in Virginia

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Laws Affecting Reforestation on USDA Forest Service Lands

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Nebraska: The Tree Planters’ State

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© Reforestation strategies amid social instability: lessons from Afghanistan

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© Restoring forests: advances in techniques and theory

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Selection and production of Mexico oaks

Creech, D. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:436-441. 2012.

Genetics and Tree Improvement

© Assessment of genetic diversity in two-species oak seed stands and their progeny populations

Dering, M. and Chybicki, I. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 27:2-9. 2012.

© Assisted migration: introduction to a multifac­eted concept

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© Assisted migration: uncertainty, risk and op­portunity

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© Carbon sequestration from 40 years of plant­ing genetically improved loblolly pine across the southeast United States

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Climate change and forest trees in the Pacific Northwest: guide to vulnerability assessment meth­odology

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© Failure to migrate: lack of tree range expan­sion in response to climate change

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© Financial performance of using genetically improved regeneration material of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Finland

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© Genetic variation between and within ex-situ native-provenance collections of Pinus radiata D

Don planted in Australia and New Zealand. Bian, L., Gapare, W. J., Ivkovic, M., Jefferson, P., and Wu, H. X. Silvae Genetica 60(6):276-285. 2011.

© Genetic variation in needle epicuticular wax characteristics in Pinus pinceana seedlings

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© Growth phenology of coast Douglas-fir seed sources planted in diverse environments

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© The implementation of assisted migration in Canadian forests

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Long-distance gene flow and adaptation of forest trees to rapid climate change

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© Optimization of genetic gain and diversity in seed orchard crops considering variation in seed ger­mination

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© Physiological and morphological attributes of shortleaf x loblolly pine F1 hybrid seedlings: is there an advantage to being a hybrid?

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© Placing forestry in the assisted migration debate

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© Rapid climate change and the rate of ad­aptation: insight from experimental quantitative genetics

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© Why we disagree about assisted migration: ethical implications of a key debate regarding the future of Canada's forests

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Widespread triploidy in western North American aspen (Populus tremuloides)

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Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Microorganisms

© Mycorrhizal symbiosis affected by different genotypes of Pinus pinaster

Sousa, N. R., Ramos, M. A., Franco, A. R., Oliveira, R. S., and Castro, P. M. L. Plant and Soil 359:245-253. 2012.

© Widespread fitness alignment in the legume­rhizobium symbiosis

Friesen, M. L. New Phytologist 194:1096-1111. 2012.

Nursery Structures & Equipment

Alternative energy: evaluating wood fuel for greenhouse heat

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(8):17. 2012.

Auditing for energy efficiency

Benson, S. American Nurseryman 210(9):6, 8, 10-11. 2012.

The changing light bulb

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(2):26-27. 2012 .

Easy solutions: hoophouse improvement you can make

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(9):14. 2012.

Everything you wanted to know about fog: but were afraid to ask

Stanley, M. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:104-105. 2012.

Hole digging done right

Von Ruden, D. American Nurseryman 210(3):20-23. 2012.

New advances: a look at newer variable speed ir­rigation pumps

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(12):16. 2012.

Outplanting Performance

© Assessing the ecological success of restoration by afforestation on the Chinese loess plateau

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© Does mixing tree species enhance stand resistance against natural hazards? a case study for spruce

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© Faster growth of Eucalyptus grandis and Euca­lyptus pilularis in mixed-species stands than mono-cultures

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© Growth and survival of Port-Orford-Cedar families on three sites on the south Oregon coast

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© Nursery stock quality as an indicator of bot­tomland hardwood forest restoration success in the Lower Mississippi River alluvial valley

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© Particle size and composition of polymer root gels affect loblolly pine seedling survival

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© Photosynthetic response, carbon isotopic composition, survival, and growth of three stock types under water stress enhanced by vegetative competition

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Productivity and cost-effectiveness of the M-planter tree planting machine in Latvian conditions

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© Restoring longleaf pine on an agricultural site by planting alternating rows of slash pine: a case study

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© Survival and growth of balsam fir seedlings and saplings under multiple controlled ungulate densities

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© Techniques to promote Garry oak seedling growth and survival in areas with high levels of her­bivory and competition

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© Urban environment of New York City pro­motes growth in northern red oak seedlings

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The Use of Soil Additives and Root Dips on Noble Fir Christmas Trees

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Pest Management

© Antimicrobial activity of chestnut extracts for potential use in managing soilborne plant pathogens

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© Chestnut breeding in the United States for disease and insect resistance

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Controlling whiteflies: how ICM is an effective solution for whiteflies and plant quality

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© Development and evaluation of a real-time PCR seed lot screening method for Fusarium circina­tum, causal agent of pitch canker disease

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Hackberry: An Alternative to Ash Species in the Battle Against Emerald Ash Borer

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Hard to control: four questions to help you bet­ter handle mealybugs

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© Higher resistance of the offspring of Scots pine trees resulting from natural regeneration in old foci of Heterobasidion annosum root rot

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© Infectivity and inoculum production of Phy­tophthora ramorum on roots of eastern United States oak species

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© Liverwort control: an ancillary role for ozone-based irrigation water treatment systems?

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© PCF-DGGE method for in planta detection and identification of Phytophthora species

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Pest monitoring: a best practice

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