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Climate Change / Assisted Migration

Bibliography of Assisted Migration, Climate Change, and Native Plant Transfer Guidelines

Seed transfer guidelines and zones are used to manage the movement of plant materials, but by the end of the century many landscapes across the globe will have climates that are incompatible with current vegetation. The mismatch in rates between climate change and plant migration and adaptation will pose challenges for natural resource managers. One challenge is to stay up-to-date on the latest research, policies, and terminologies. To help alleviate this challenge, in 2015 we compiled and published the bibliography Foundational Literature for Moving Native Plant Materials in Changing Climates. Most references are peer-reviewed articles from journals (> 70%) and the remaining are government documents, books, reports, graduate theses, and grey literature, such as newsletters, websites, and presentations. They all have bearing on native plants and includes references about climate change, conservation, and restoration, assisted migration, and transfer guidelines and zones. This bibliography is searchable through an online database. References are retrievable by author, title, and subject (species, geographic area, etc.) and include a summary and URL, if available. Each search produces a bibliography that matches user specifications. References are labeled in terms of their content: Justification – reviews, summaries, opinions, editorials, comments; Development – models, common garden studies, provenance trials, approaches, cultivars; Transfer Guideline – seed zones, seed transfer guidelines, recommendations; Resource – directories, decision support systems, online tools, databases.

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