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Pest Management

  • Forest Nursery Pests (2012)

    This handbook was prepared by a team of research scientists and pest management specialists. It includes information on diseases and insects of conifer and hardwood seedlings. This is a revision of Forest Nursery Pests, Agriculture Handbook No. 680, that was issued in December 1989.

  • Growing Healthy Seedlings (1990)

    This book provides an illustrated guide to the identification and management of fungi, insects, and abiotic conditions that cause problems in Northwest bareroot conifer nurseries.

  • Seed and Seedling Diseases in the Western US

    This database contains 335 Nursery Disease Notes, Northern Region Reports, and other publications authored by Dr. Robert L. James, US Forest Service Region 1 (retired), describing diseases of seeds and seedlings affecting bareroot and container crops in the western US. These publications typically describe the disease, host species, disease impacts, and potential prevention/treatment/mitigation options.