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Southern Pines

  • A Statistical History of Tree Planting in the South 1925-1985 (1986)

    U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Southern Region, State and Private Forestry

  • Southern Pine Nursery Handbook (1984)

    This handbook summarizes technical information for planning, production, and management of southern pine nurseries.

  • Care and Planting of Southern Pine (1996)

    This booklet is designed to encourage landowners, land managers, county foresters, forestry consultants, and nursery managers to be certain that their seedlings receive proper care.

  • Southern Pine Seed Sources (2001)

    The purpose of this handbook is to guide landowners and consulting foresters in selecting appropriate seed sources for planting southern pines.

  • Guidelines for Producing Quality Longleaf Pine Seeds (2002)

    General Technical Report SRS–52. June 2002. United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station.

  • Planting the Southern Pines (1954)

    Provides state-of-the-art information and research on planting southern pines in the mid 20th century. Planting policy, seed, nursery practice, and planting are discussed at length.

  • The Genetics and Breeding of Southern Pines (1976)

    A comprehensive compilation of genetic and breeding information from more than 1,000 sources on the 10 southern pine species. Major topics include species descriptions, factors of flowering and seed production, methods of vegetative propagation, traits of interspecific hybrids, and geographic, racial, stand, and tree-to-tree variation. Practical and detailed information is provided on various techniques and problems associated with creative breeding and seed production.