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  • Nutrient Dynamics of Planted Forests (2012)

    This IUFRO symposium provided an international forum on the principles of nutrition in nursery seedlings and juvenile forest trees. Emphasis was on the development of effective and environmentally sound technologies to optimize seedling quality and promote reforestation and forest restoration operations. The first day focused on Nutrition in the Nursery and at Field Establishment and the second day on Juvenile Stand Nutrition. Of particular interest was the variability in nutritional requirements and fertilizer responses of forest trees across a range of site limiting factors (e.g., drought, vegetative competition, or animal browse). Posted here are PDF copies of most of the presentations delivered at the Symposium.

  • The Ecology and Management of Atlantic white-cedar (2009)

    Symposium Proceedings. June 6-8, 2006. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

  • The Thin Green Line (2005)

    The Thin Green Line symposium was held July 26-28, 2005 in Thunder Bay, Ontario and focused on the State-of-the-Art in Reforestation. This document is a compendium of invited and volunteer papers and posters presented at the symposium with the following themes: status of reforestation and afforestation around the world, nursery methods to produce target seedlings, planting and planting site treatments to optimize regeneration, and enhancing timber production and non-timber values through stand establishment.

  • Advances and Challenges in Forest Regeneration (2000)

    Conference Proceedings. June 1-2, 2000. Embassy Suites. Tigard, Oregon. Sponsored by Nursery Technology Cooperative, Oregon State University and Western Forest and Conservation Association. Editors: Robin Rose & Diane L. Haase.

  • Care and Planting of Southern Pine (1996)

    This booklet is designed to encourage landowners, land managers, county foresters, forestry consultants, and nursery managers to be certain that their seedlings receive proper care.

  • Forest Regeneration Manual (1990)

    The Forest Regeneration Manual details fundamental steps in establishing successful young pine plantations including planning, harvest methods, propagation, nursery culturing, seedling quality, site preparation, planting practices, measures of regeneration success, and management of competing vegetation, insects, disease, and wildlife.

  • Forest Planting Practice in the United States (1963)

    This handbook presents information on tree planting in the central hardwood region including, where to plant, what to plant and how to plant.

  • Planting the Southern Pines (1954)

    Provides state-of-the-art information and research on planting southern pines in the mid 20th century. Planting policy, seed, nursery practice, and planting are discussed at length.

  • Field Guide to Causes of Seedling Damage & Mortality in First Year Plantations

    This field guide and key is intended to aid field foresters and technicians in identifying causes of seedling damage and mortality common during the first growing season in Western Washington and Oregon. Some basic background information has been included which may aid reasonable deductions.