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Available in Hard Copy

Several RNGR publications are available (free). If you would like to receive a copy, click here to see the list of available publications and to place your order.

Nursery Manuals

  • A Nursery Guide for the Production of Bareroot Hardwood Seedlings (2019)

    This nursery guide is written by professional nursery workers, many with decades of experience working in nurseries. Most chapters within this manual cover one topic for the entire area. Other topics exhibit geographic variation such as seedbed preparation and sowing, weed management, and practices related to lifting and packing. Topics such as fertilizer and soils can be applied more generally regardless of location. We recognize that each nursery is unique, and these recommendations may need to be adjusted to meet local conditions.

  • Tropical Nursery Manual – A Guide to Starting and Operating a Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants (2014)

    This comprehensive manual serves people who are starting or operating a nursery for native and traditional species in the tropics. Key concepts, principles, and processes are presented, based on proven practices and the best science available. Click here to request a hardcopy.

  • The Forest Nursery Manual—Bareroot (1984)

    'Forest Nursery Manual' presents state-of-art information about current bareroot-nursery practices and research in the northwestern United States and Canada.

  • The Container Tree Nursery Manual (1989 - 2010)

    This seven volume set provides a comprehensive overview of topics concerning the production of tree and woody shrub seedlings in containers. Los volúmenes están disponibles en Español también.

  • Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for Tribal Nurseries, Volume 1: Nursery Management (2009)

    This handbook covers all aspects of managing a native plant nursery, from initial planning through crop production to establishing trials to improving nursery productivity into the future. It was written to assist Native Americans in growing native plants and draws extensively on tribal activities for the many photos and specific examples in the text.

  • Raising Seedlings at Home (1998)

    This publication describes simple methods for growing conifers of the Pacific Northwest from seeds.

  • Southern Pine Nursery Handbook (1984)

    This handbook summarizes technical information for planning, production, and management of southern pine nurseries.

  • Organic Matter Management in Forest Nurseries: Theory and Practice (1995)

    This is a reference for the addition of organic amendments to forest nursery soils. It provides information on the effect of organic matter on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties. Additionally, the organic matter decomposition, use of different types, and green manure crops are discussed.

  • Hardwood Nursery Guide (1994 - Revised)

    Agricultural handbook No. 473.

  • Conifer Nursery Practices in the Prairie-Plains (1965)

    This is Ag Handbook 279. This manual presents the forest nursery practices that were developed through research and the resourcefulness of nurserymen engaged in the production of planting stock.

  • Nursery Practices in the Lake States (1957)

    This is Ag Handbook 110. This manual presents the nursery practices that were developed through the ingenuity and research of nurserymen engaged in the production of planting stock.

  • Nursery Practices on the National Forests (1917)

    This is USDA Agricultural Bulletin No. 479. This bulletin discusses nursery planning, establishment, and production techniques used to produce forest seedlings.

  • Bareroot Nursery Equipment Catalog (1992)

    This publication is USDA Forest Service Technology Development Program, 9224-2839 MTDC. This catalog presents descriptions of bareroot nursery equipment.