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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Fertilization and Nutrition

© Nursery response of container Pinus palustris seedlings to nitrogen supply and subsequent effects on outplanting performance

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© Nutrient limitation on terrestrial plant growth — modeling the interaction between nitrogen and phosphorus

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© Past, present and future of organic nutrients

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© Review: nitrogen assimilation in crop plants and its affecting factors

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© Vermicompost leachate alleviates deficiency of phosphorus and potassium in tomato seedlings

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General and Miscellaneous

Climatic consequences of afforestation

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© Decentralization of tree seedling supply sys­tems for afforestation in the west of Yunnan Prov­ince, China

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© Designing Nelder wheel plots for tree density experiments

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© Do eucalypt plantations provide habitat for na­tive forest biodiversity?

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Forestry and Tree Planting in New York State

Verschoor, K. and Van Duyne, G. Tree Planters' Notes 55(2):4-13. 2012.

Forestry and Tree Planting in Virginia

Garrison, C. E. Tree Planters' Notes 55(2):24-33. 2012.

Laws Affecting Reforestation on USDA Forest Service Lands

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Nebraska: The Tree Planters’ State

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© Reforestation strategies amid social instability: lessons from Afghanistan

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© Restoring forests: advances in techniques and theory

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Selection and production of Mexico oaks

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Genetics and Tree Improvement

© Assessment of genetic diversity in two-species oak seed stands and their progeny populations

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© Assisted migration: introduction to a multifac­eted concept

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