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Three systems for gathering slash pine cones tested

The short lime span in which tree seed can be collected, the increasing necessity to collect larger amounts in specific locations, and labor shortages are sonic of the reasons why mechanical methods are needed to harvest tree seed. Since 1964, the Missoula Equipment Development Center has been investigating equipment for collecting cones and seeds and has found that mechanical shakers used in fruit and nut orchards remove cones from some tree species. However, a mechanical system for gathering cones shaken from the tree is needed. The Center evaluated three mechanical fruit-gathering systems for gathering cones of the slash pine (pious elliotti) al the Georgia State Forestry Commission’s seed orchard near Cochran, Ga. The orchard is located on relatively flat terrain, with a tree spacing of 16x 16 feet.

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Author(s): Richard G. Hallman

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 25, Number 1 (1974)

Volume: 25

Number: 1

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