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Home Publications Tree Planters' Notes Tree Planters' Notes Volume 21, Number 1 (1970) Using Tree Shakers for Pine Cone Collection in Region 8

Using Tree Shakers for Pine Cone Collection in Region 8

In May 1966, a tree shaker was observed thinning peaches near Fort Valley, Ga. This observation led to an adaptation of the tree shaker in collecting pine cone in Region 8. There are numerous commercial tree shakers on the market; and basically, they are of two types: 1. A limb shaker, and 2. a bole or trunk shaker. We chose the bole shaker for its speed and ease of operation. Since we collect cones from seed production areas, we used a commercial model of tree shaker, as is used in pecan orchards. The shaker is mounted on a 7,000 GVW short wheelbase truck chassis, equipped with an automatic transmission (fig. 1). The hydraulic power steering system is reversed to allow operation of the vehicle while operator is facing the rear. The rear tires are high flotation, low profile tires for use in unstable soil conditions. The shaker boom is mounted over the rear axle of the unit and operates off the rear of the unit.

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Author(s): N. S. Kmecza

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volume 21, Number 1 (1970)

Volume: 21

Number: 1