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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1994 Propagation of Juniperus for Conservation Planting

Propagation of Juniperus for Conservation Planting

Current nursery practices in the Great Plains often fail to produce acceptable crops of Rocky Mountain juniper and eastern redcedar. Research and anecdotal evidence from other regions of the country have suggested alternatives to the current practice of-fall sowing seed and covering the beds with clear plastic and shade-frame. In this study, we compared seed germination under several alternatives to the conventional clear plastic treatment. We also compared seed germination among five seed sources of Rocky Mountain juniper and one source of eastern redcedar. In general, the clear plastic resulted in the highest rates of seed germination and germination was higher for eastern redcedar than for any of the Rocky Mountain juniper sources. The increased germination under the clear plastic appears to be related to better heat and moisture retention under the plastic than the alternative treatments.

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Author(s): Bert M. Cregg, Scott A. Lee, Ted L. Hovland, Clark D. Fleege, John Gleason

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1994

Event: Combined Western Forest Nursery Association and the Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia
1994 - Moscow, ID