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Dewinger for small seed lots

The Missoula Equipment Development Center (MEDC), Missoula, Mont., has built and tested a dewinger for processing small lots of tree seed. Most existing dewingers are designed for large quantities of seeds and encounter difficulties when processing small lots: Cleaning between each seed lot is difficult and time consuming; lengthy, complex adjustments are required to dewing small lots. Increasing emphasis on genetically superior seed and smaller seed zones makes it evident that a dewinger for small seed lots could play an important role in reforestation. An MEDC survey of Forest Service nurserymen's equipment problems confirmed the need for a dewinger that could easily handle seed lots of 10 pounds or less. MEDC engineers set out to build a self-cleaning dewinger that requires only simple adjustments to process small lots, while preserving seed integrity.

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Author(s): Benjamin Lowman

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1978

Event: Nurseryman's conference and seed processing workshop
1978 - Eureka, CA

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