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1998 Winter Forest Nursery Notes

Nursery Meetings and Workshops Cultural Perspectives Role of Water in Nurseries Micronutrients -Manganese Role in Plant Nutrition Availability and Uptake Diagnosis of Deficiencies and Toxicities Integrated Pest Management Biological Seed Treatments for Damping-off Biocontrol of Lygus bugs Equipment, Products, and Services Measuring Moisture in Seeds, Seedlings, Soils or Growing Media Fleshy Seed Macerators Antit-ranspirants Nursery Networks National Nursery Directory Update Lone Peak Conservation Center National and International Issues Government Nursery Services "Sister" Nurseries Horticultural Humor New Nursery Literature Special Orders Articles on the Literature Order Form Bareroot Production Business Management Diverse Species General and Miscellaneous Genetics and Tree Improvement Nursery Structures and Equipment Outplanting Performance Pest Management Seedling Harvesting and Storage Seedling Physiology and Morphology Seeds Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry Vegetative Propagation and Tissue Culture Water Management and Irrigation Weed Control

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Publication: Forest Nursery Notes - 1998 Winter