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Home Publications Woody Plant Seed Manual Chapter 4 - Storage of Seeds

Chapter 4 - Storage of Seeds

In the simplest form of seed storage, mature seeds are held for a short period until weather or other factors permit sowing or planting. In the more comprehensive view, there are at least 3 objectives for storing seeds, and each of them dictates different strategies and procedures. These objectives may be described as storage for the following periods: 1. Very short periods (overwinter) between collection and sowing 2. Several years (10 or less) to ensure a reliable supply of seeds in the absence of annual crops 3. Long periods (10 to 50+ years) for germplasm conservation The strategies employed will depend on all of the factors that influence seed longevity. Some of these factors have been discussed in chapter 1, but now they will be explored in the context of seed storage only. Following this, recommendations will be made for storage procedures to achieve the objectives listed here.

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Publication: Woody Plant Seed Manual