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Tabebuia donnell-smithii Rose

Cybistax donnell smithii (Rose) Seibert, Cybistax millsii Miranda, Roseodendron dennell-smithii (Rose) Miranda, Roseodendron millsii (Miranda) Miranda, Tabebuia millsii (Miranda) Cacho de venado, comida de culebra, copal, cortez, cortez blanco, duranza, flor de zope, gold tree, palo blanco, primavera, white mahogany (Andrino and others 1991, Gentry 1992, Standley 1926, Witsberger and others 1982)

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Author(s): Nadia Navarrette-Tindall, Mario A. Orellana Núñez

Publication: Tropical Tree Seed Manual - Species Descriptions

Section: Species Descriptions

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