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Home Publications Tropical Tree Seed Manual Species Descriptions Roupala montana Aubl.

Roupala montana Aubl.

Roupala pyrifolia Salisb. & Knight, Rhopala media R. Br., Rh. Dentata R. Br., Rhopala complicata Kunth, Rhopala ovalis Pohl, Pl. Bras., Rhopala macropoda Klotzsch & Karst, Rhopala gardneri Meissn., Rhopala martii Meissn, Rhopala martii var. Simplicifolia Meissn, Rhopala frondosa Rich ex. Meissn, Rhopala tomentosa a. integrifolia Meissn, Rhopala boissieriana Meissn, Rhopala veraguensis Klotzsch es Meissn, Roupala borealist Hemsl., Roupala dariensis Pitt., Roupala panamensis Pitt., Roupala discolor Rusby, Roupala dissimilis Pitt., Roupala repanda Lundell, Roupala montana var dentata (R. Br.) Sleumer Danta hediondo, danto, danto carne, ratón, ratoncillo, zorrillo, zorrillo hediondo

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Author(s): L. A. Fournier

Publication: Tropical Tree Seed Manual - Species Descriptions

Section: Species Descriptions

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