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Home Publications Tropical Tree Seed Manual Species Descriptions Parkinsonia aculeata L.

Parkinsonia aculeata L.

Parkinsonia thornberi M.E. Jones Acacia, acacia de agûijote, acacia de mesones, arrete-boeuf, boonchi strena, cambrón, cina-cina, cují extranjero, espino del cairo, espino negro, flor de mayo, flor de rayo, goajiro, horsebean, Jerusalem, Jerusalem-thorn, Junco marino, lluvia de oro, madam raíz, madam yass, mataburro, palo de rayo, palo verde, paují, retama, retamola siempre-viva, sauce, sauce espino, sulfatillo, sulfato, wonder tree, yabo, yass

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Author(s): L. A. Fournier

Publication: Tropical Tree Seed Manual - Species Descriptions

Section: Species Description

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