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Home Publications Tropical Tree Seed Manual Species Descriptions Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit

Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit

Acacia biceps DC., A. caringa Ham., A. frondosa Willd., A. glauca DC., A. leucocephala DC., Leucaena blancii Goyena, L. glabrata Rose, L. glauca (L.) Benth., L. greggii Watson, L. latisiliqua (L.) W.T. Gillis, L. salvadorensis Standl., Mimosa glauca L. (Brewbaker and others 1972, Dassanayake 1980, Hooker 1879, National Research Council 1984, Parrotta 1992b) Acacia, acacia palida, aroma blanca, aroma boba, aroma mansa, barba de león, bois-lolo, cowbush, grains de lin pays, granadillo bobo, granadino, guaje, hediondilla, jimbay, jumbie-bean, koa haole, leadtree, leucaena, lino, lino criollo, macata, macata blanca, mimosa, monval, panelo, shack-shack, tamarindillo, tantan, tumbarabu, uaxim, West Indies mimosa, white popinac, wild mimosa, wild taman, wild tamarind (Little and Wadsworth 1964, Van den Beldt and Brewbaker 1985)

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Author(s): John A. Parrotta

Publication: Tropical Tree Seed Manual - Species Descriptions

Section: Species Descriptions

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