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Home Publications Tropical Tree Seed Manual Chapter 9: Notes on Tropical Dendrology

Chapter 9: Notes on Tropical Dendrology

Dendrology, then, is a division of forestry or botany that treats of the taxonomy of trees and other woody plants, including nomenclature, classification, identification, and distribution. The subject matter in tropical countries should be called tropical dendrology, or the taxonomy of tropical trees, in order to distinguish it from a course in dendrology as taught in a university of the United States or Europe. Those countries and continents of the Temperate Zone have trees very different Chapter 9: Notes on Tropical Dendrology 221 from those of tropical regions. A forester who has studied dendrology only in a forestry school in the United States knows very little about tropical trees, for example.

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Author(s): Elbert L. Little, Jr.

Publication: Tropical Tree Seed Manual

Section: Chapter 9