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Genomic Resources for the Study of Loblolly Pine and Other Conifers

Although the development of genomic datasets for conifers has lagged the torrent of information being made available for various model systems, as with other organisms, conifer resources are growing rapidly, and with them come great opportunities to mine the data for new research hypotheses. This presentation will summarize the current content of conifer information available at major public repositories for genomic data, such as GenBank and EMBL. Conifer data housed at smaller online sites, such as Dendrome and Fungen, will also be reviewed. Both structural, as well as functional genomics resources will be covered. A variety of bioinformatic tools available to online users for mining these datasets will also be discussed. As loblolly pine is the conifer species for which the most data is available online, most of the examples to be presented will focus on this species, but examples for other species, particularly the spruces, will also be examined.

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Author(s): Jeffrey F. D. Dean

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 2005