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Clonal Replacement as a Tool for Seed Orchard Managers

The objective of the current study is to test the feasibility of using topgrafting to replace all or much of the crown of ramets in loblolly pine seed orchards. While there are numerous advantages of clonal replacement to a seed orchard manager, the big question remains - can we afford to do this? In order to develop a detailed economic analysis it is vital to determine the total cost of the operation. In order to do this the following data is needed; 1) scion quality, 2) number of grafts per tree, 3) interstock effects, 4) graft survival, 5) annual flower counts and the number of cones harvested, 6) time required to topwork each tree, and 7) time required for crown management of the grafts to keep the topworked scions dominant.

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Author(s): Christopher L. Rosier, Steven E. McKeand, E. M. Raley

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 2005