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Gene Transfer in Conifers

We report here our progress in using the biolistic microprojectile DNA transfer system to transform three conifer species: loblolly pine, norway spruce and Fraser fir. The target tissue and culturing system used with each species is different. The meristematic tissue produced when cotyledons are incubated on cytokinin containing medium is being used with loblolly pine (see accompanying poster abstract). Bombardment of somatic embryos is being used to explore transformation in norway spruce. Both of these systems have yielded stably transformed cell cultures. Experiments are in progress to obtain transgenic plants. Work with Fraser fir has only begun and we have shown transient expression in bombarded expanding apical meristems. This presentation will focus on the strategy for obtaining transgenic conifers using microprojectile bombardment.

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Author(s): Anne-Marie Stomp, D. Robertson, A. K. Weissinger, Ronald R. Sederoff

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1991

Section: General Session: Genetic Testing and Selection