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Clone Influence on Agrobacterium-Mediated DNA Transfer to Pinus radiata

In this study, we compared the frequencies of gall formation in clonal P. radiata shoots produced by the method of Aitken-Christie (3). Shoots of identical clonal lines or a clonal mix were either inoculated in vitro or after establishment in the greenhouse. Seedlings of the same seed lot used to produce the tissue culture clonal plantlets were grown and inoculated at the same time as the clonal plants. Agrobacterium virulent strains C2/74, wild type 542, wild type 542 carrying pEND4K (confering kanamycin resistance), and the avirulent strain A136 were used for inoculation.

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Author(s): Ben A. Bergmann, Anne-Marie Stomp

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1991

Section: Poster Abstracts