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Inheritance and Linkage Analyses of Enzyme Systems in Eastern Cottonwood Leaf Tissue

Twenty-eight enzyme systems of Populus deltoides full-sib progenies were resolved by starch gel electrophoresis of expanding leaf tissue extracts. Seventeen enzyme systems were shown to be monomorphic, including first reports (in Populus) for ALD, CTO, FDP, GR, G3PD, MPI, MDR, NADH, PPO and TPI. Of the 11 polymorphic systems studied, the mode of inheritance for ADH, AK-1, AK-4, EST-4, and G6PD were initially determined in this study.

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Author(s): Dung Jinsheng, D. B. Wagner, C. S. Prakash, Bart A. Thielges

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1989

Section: Poster Abstracts