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Enhanced Germination of Norway Spruce Somatic Embryos

Prompt germination and vigorous development of somatic embryos is prerequisite to their efficient utilization in mass clonal propagation of forest trees. A number of factors: e.g., growth regulators, media composition, light versus dark culture, and position of embryos on media, have been shown to affect germination. In experiments evaluating these and other factors, improved germination was obtained by exposing Norway spruce (Picea abies) embryos to darkness for 10 days and then transferring them to light culture conditions. Incubation under low intensity yellow light also enhanced germination, as did laying embryos horizontally on media surfaces. Half-strength DCR medium seemed to give the best germination, although differences among media treatments were small and highly variable.

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Author(s): M. R. Uddin, K. Keinonen-Mettala, Ronald J. Dinus

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1989

Section: Concurrent Session 2A