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Loblolly Pine Pollen Grain Counts by Ovule Dissection

A procedure for counting pollen grains on the nucellar tissue of loblolly pine conelets after ovule dissection is described. The technique involves harvest of conelets 2 weeks after maximum pollen receptivity and the removal of individual ovule-bearing scales. After the integument is excised, the nucellus with adhering pollen grains is placed in a drop of stain on a microscope slide and the pollen grains counted. Conelets may be frozen in water for dissection later. The technique can be used to evaluate efficiency of controlled pollinations or supplemental pollination, and in studies involving flower receptivity and pollen quantity and quality. Additional keywords: Pinus taeda, pollination, ovulate strobilus

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Author(s): Frederick R. Matthews, T. E. Blalock

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1981

Section: Concurrent Technical Workshop