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Design and Layout of Advanced Generation Seed Orchards

A set of criteria for establishment of advanced generation seed orchards has been developed for The North Carolina State University-Industry Cooperative Tree Improvement Program, based on experiences with first generation seed orchards and a few early blocks of advanced generation orchards. Basic considerations in developing these criteria were to maximize the flexibility for orchard improvement through roguing and to minimize the potential for inbreeding. To achieve these goals, the criteria for orchard layout are: (1) initial stocking of at least 135 trees per acre, (2) the inclusion of thirty to forty clones in each orchard block, (3) a minimum distance of 90' between related ramets, (4) relatively equal clonal frequencies, and (5) avoidance of repetitive neighborhoods.

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Author(s): A. V. Hatcher, Robert J. Weir

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1981

Section: Section 4: Seed Utilization and Seed Orchard Management