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A Half-Diallel Cross Among Loblolly Pines Selected for Resistance to Fusiform Rust

Fifth-year infection data from progeny tests of seed orchard clones of loblolly pine were used to select 10 clones for further breeding for rust resistance. At age 5, the 45 progenies from a half-diallel cross showed no significant differences in survival but differed significantly in height and highly significantly in percentage of rust-free trees and number of cankers per tree. General combining abilities of the clones were nonsignificant for survival, significant for height, and highly significant for rust traits. Specific combining abilities were nonsignificant for all traits. Heritability was low for survival, moderate for height, and high for rust-resistance traits.

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Author(s): Earl R. Sluder

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1981

Section: Section 2: Realized Results of Tree Breeding