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Genotype x mineral Nutrient Interactions with Fusiform Rust Resistance in Slash Pine

The relationship of N, P and K availability to fusiform rust incidence in a resistant and a susceptible family of slash pine was examined in greenhouse pot cultures. Mean rust incidence for all treatments of the resistant family was 23.3% and was not significantly altered by application of N, P or K. A mean rust incidence of 53.8% was observed for all treatments of the susceptible family, with the addition of both P and K significantly increasing rust incidence. The P effect accounted for about 40% of the total variation in rust incidence due to treatment. Nutrient supply did not alter the relative resistance ranking of either family. Tissue nutrient concentrations in both families varied significantly with treatment. However, changes in rust incidence were not related to tissue nutrient content. Additional keywords: Pinus elliottii, Cronartium fusiforme, forest diseases.

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Author(s): Charles A. Hollis, Joel E. Smith, Robert A. Schmidt

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1977

Section: Session 5: Miscellaneous