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Effects of Fertilization on Seed Orchards

The effects of fertilization on five Forest Service seed orchards in the southern region were variable between and within orchards. Fertilization stimulated the establishment and growth of the vegetative ground cover and the trees. Cone production was significantly correlated with clones, size of trees, cycles, and fertilizer treatments. Moderately high levels of N (224 to 364 kg/ha) and P (97 to 158 kg/ha) generally gave the best yield of cones. High levels of P (195 kg/ha) and K (373 kg/ha) tended to reduce cone production. Low levels of N (84 kg/ha), P (37 kg/ha) and K (70 kg/ha) did not stimulate production.

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Author(s): Jack T. May

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1977

Section: Session 2: Seed Orchard Technology