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A 16 Year-Old Provenance Test of Loblolly Pine in Southern Arkansas

Loblolly pine trees from seed sources throughout the range of the species were planted at two locations in southern Arkansas. Between ages 10 and 16 years, significant differences in growth altered the ranking (by volume) of the various seed sources, The correlation between closeness to coast of seed origin and fast growth evident at age 10, had begun to weaken at age 16, although it was still significant.. The top-ranking three provenances in volume per tree and volume per plot were interior. The gain in volume of trees from interior sources over trees of coastal origin in this period was largely due to faster diameter growth. Considering both growth rate trends and susceptibility to fusiform rust, seed sources from the South Carolina Piedmont, Mississippi Central, and Mississippi Northern Coastal Plain were considered good choices for planting in southern Arkansas.

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Author(s): Nov C. Grigsby

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1977

Section: Session 5: Miscellaneous