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Effects Of Fertilizer Treatment Applied To A Yellow-poplar "seed Orchard"

Height, diameter, and seed head production were analyzed after six years of biannual fertilizer, lime, and herbicide applications on a yellow-poplar seed orchard. Thinning was found to increase diameter growth, live crown length, and seed head production. Trees in unthinned areas showed greater height growth, probably due to less wind damage on these plots. Herbicide application increased height and diameter growth. And the application of nitrogen at 150 and 300 # per acre resulted in increased seed head production. Inconsistency in seed head production shows that genetic potential for productivity will have as much or more effect than environmental manipulation.

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Author(s): Franklin C. Cech, Roy N. Keys, James H. Brown, Jr.

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1975