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Hardwood Silviculture in Tomorrow's Southern Forest

Some 101 million acres, comprising half the southern forest, are currently dominated by hardwoods. Seventy million of these acres are capable of growing high-quality timber rapidly, and are likely to continue in forest indefinitely (Briegleb and McKnight 1960). The Forest Service's Timber Resource Review (1958) estimated that the Nation's total wood requirements will double in the next decade. For the past half-century, these 70 million acres have been supplying more than half the Nation's needs for factory lumber and veneer logs, and they will have to meet at least an equal portion of the increased demand for these products in the future. In addition, they will have to grow vast amounts of pulpwood. Southern pulp mills sextupled their consumption of hardwoods in the last decade, and the end of this expansion is nowhere in sight.

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Author(s): J. S. McKnight

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1963