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Economic Considerations of the Genetic Approach

At the outset the speaker wants to point out that the genetic approach used and referred to in this talk will be the so-called clonal seed orchard approach widely used in the South today whereby good phenotypes are selected for parents and grafted into the seed orchards. It is assumed that progeny testing will start immediately so that the genetic worth of these selected parents may be tested and assessed as soon as possible. The progeny test results will then be used to remove or rogue those parents proven inferior. Quite frankly if it were not for a direct action program such as this it is doubtful whether or not the organization I work for would be involved in a tree improvement program. We have a critical need for seed right now and want production orchards as soon as possible.

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Author(s): R. L. Marler

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1963