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Grafted Seed Orchards in the South

At the last meeting of the Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference in New Orleans two years ago, we reported to you the activities of the forest genetics program at the University of Florida. At that time, we were busily engaged in the selection of superior trees. During the two years since then, hundreds of superior trees were selected, ten thousand grafted plants were made with materials from the selected trees, and 15 seed orchards were established in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama (fig. 1.). The credit of this accomplishment is largely due to hundreds of enthusiastic foresters of the eleven pulp and paper companies that participated in this program. It was through their effort that the superior trees were selected. It was through their effort that the seed orchards were established and maintained. Seed orchards have also been started by other institutions in the Southern states (Hargreaves et al. 1955). We will limit this discussion to our own experiences.

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Author(s): Wang Chi-Wu, Thomas O. Perry

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1957