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Forest Genetics at the Institute of Paper Chemistry

Current research and technical activities include more than 100 simultaneous projects. These include basic research--both institutional and on contract--as well as problems in the applied areas and technological services. In addition and entirely independent, is the basic research of the fourth-year students on their thesis problems. A very complete library and extensive abstracting and bibliographical services are also maintained. Research activities are divided among a number of sections. These include pulping and papermaking technology, cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, colloid chemistry, lignin chemistry, biology, physics, plastics, graphic arts, container, and physical testing. The program in genetics is intended to develop, first, as a fundamentally oriented curiosity, within a particular province, regarding phenomena which underlie the genetic conditioning of pulpwood, and second as a concern about how new basic facts revealed by fundamental studies may be put to work in tree improvement applications.

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Author(s): Philip N. Joranson, Malcolm N. May, Robert C. McKee

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1957