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Every Seedling From Selected Seed

In progress now is the largest planting of trees from selected seed ever made in this country. By the end of this planting season West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company will have planted 13,000,000 loblolly and slash pine seedlings - all produced from seed from selected trees. Most of the seed was collected from seed collection areas in plus stands. However, because we expected a poor cone crop this year, it was necessary to collect a two year seed supply last fall. Seed collection areas scheduled for cutting could not supply all of this so some cones were collected from seed trees in reproduction stands - but still from selected trees, The seedlings have been grown for us by the South Carolina State Nursery. Collection of slash and loblolly seed only from selected trees is now established policy. The principle has also been extended to Atlantic white cedar where seed collection areas produce the same benefits as in pine: desirable parentage, abundant and large cones, and large seed of high viability.

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Author(s): D. A. Harkin

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1957