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Genetic Gains From Red Pine Seedling Seed Orchard Design

Analysis of height growth data from 1 3-year old red pine family tests revealed significant differences among families and test locations, as well as a significant family by location interaction. Differences among families within stands accounted for 88% of the genetic variation observed, while variation among stands and regions accounted for 12% and 0% respectively. Family heritability estimates for height growth ranged between .40 - .50 and, coupled with planned thinning operations, yield expected genetic gains of 3-4% in height growth and 9-11% in stem volume. Analysis of wood specific gravity data revealed significant differences among test locations, but marginal or insignificant differences among families. Future breeding work with these populations should emphasize growth and volume traits; however, the more immediate need is to stimulate flowering and seed production.

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Author(s): A. Ager, Raymond P. Guries, Chen Hui Lee

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1982

Section: Session 3