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Heritability and Variation of 8th Year Height in Four Subpopulations of Lake States Jack Pine

Analysis of height at age eight (from seed) in four "index populations" of Lake States jack pine showed significant differences among 1/2-sib families, and produced single-tree, narrow-sense heritability estimates ranging from 0.41 to 0.48. These estimates were substantially higher than heritabilities estimated previously for these populations from fifth year height data. Family X site interaction was significant in all of the populations. Spearman rank correlations of mean family performance among the sites indicated that family performance was most consistent between the two southernmost (r = 0.52) and the two northernmost Cr = 0.54) sites. Significant negative Pearson correlations existed between mean family performance and the latitude of family origin (r = -0.49 and r = -0.55) at the two southern sites, but this correlation decreased to insignificance at the northernmost site. The implications of these results on the genetic improvement of jack pine in the Lake States are discussed.

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Author(s): Paul D. Bloese, Raymond O. Miller, James W. Hanover, Raymond P. Guries, Carl A. Mohn, Donald E. Riemenschneider

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - North Central Tree Improvement Conference - 1989