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Genetic Structure of Northern Red Oak: Implications For Breeding and Silviculture

Single embryos from each of 40 Northern red oaks ( Quercus rubra L.) in 8 populations in Pennsylvania (40 embryos per population) were subjected to horizontal starch gel electrophoresis. Embryo tissue was electrophoresed without any stratification or germination and allele frequencies were tallied for 13 enzyme loci. The average expected heterozygosity over all loci and populations, Ht, was 0.233. An analysis of genetic structure with F- statistics indicated that red oak populations were nearly panmictic (Fis = -0.008). Additional Keywords : isozyme, mating system, tree improvement.

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Author(s): John F. Schwarzmann, Henry D. Gerhold

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - North Central Tree Improvement Conference - 1989