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Jack Pine Seedling Seed Orchard Establishment and Projected Seed Yields

Jack pine test plantings of open pollinated progenies from proven seed sources can be converted to seedling seed orchards. A combined selection index based on individual as well as family performance can be used to select the best individuals to retain in the orchards. Use of the index will result in retention of more families than under alternate schemes and permit more rigorous selection within families. A broad genetic base is maintained, the dangers of inbreeding are reduced, and the greatest genetic gain is assured. This scheme was applied to a set of data from a 90-seed-source test, a complement of seed sources was selected, and flowering and cone data from these seed sources were used to predict early seed yields in jack pine seedling seed orchards. After initial thinning, 1 hectare of orchard established according to the suggested scheme may yield 266.8 M full seed annually. This is probably a conservative estimate.

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Author(s): Richard M. Jeffers

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Lake States Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1975