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Genotypic Variation in White Ash--Nursery Results

White ash trees grown from seed collected from 39 geographic areas were evaluated for height growth, leaf color, leaf angle, and date of leaf drop. After one year in the nursery, white ash from southern sources tended to be taller and hold their leaves longer in the fall than trees from northern sources. The taller trees also tended to be greener and have a wider leaf angle. Among-stand variation was generally greater than variation within stands or among ecotypes. Genetic variation for the four traits studied was generally low. Trees from this test have been outplanted at 23 locations throughout eastern United States for further study. Additional keywords: Provenance, Fraxinus americana , ecotype, variance components, correlation.

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Author(s): Calvin F. Bey, Fan H. Kung, Robert A. Daniels

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Central States Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1976