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Computerized Data Validation, Mapping, and Tally Sheets for Forest Genetics Studies

Computer techniques have been developed at Mississippi State University to increase data processing efficiency and accuracy of research documentation for large, long-term forest genetics field plantings. Advantages of using these techniques include: (a) early diagnosis of errors in documentation of tree identity in field plantings; (b) computer validation to check for errors in measurement records; (c) flexibility and accuracy in methods for recording field data; (d) more efficient data-punching procedures when intermediate analyses of data are required during a long--term study; and (e) opportunities for examination of non-random environmental gradients within a site on performance of trees in the study. Examples of computer-printed maps of field studies and computer-printed tally sheets are given.

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Author(s): James M. Kucera, Samuel B. Land, Jr.

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Central States Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1976