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Home Publications Tree Planters' Notes Tree Planters' Notes Issue 28 (1957) A Method for Aspen and Cottonwood Seed Extraction

A Method for Aspen and Cottonwood Seed Extraction

Increased importance of aspen in the Lake States and cottonwood on bottomland areas in the Midwest and the South has resulted in the need for producing these species of Populus from seed. One of the problems involved in seedling production is the extraction of the seed from cotton. The simple method described produces extremely clean seed with little seed injury and a high percent seed recovery. The materials needed consist of a 4- to 6 inch section of 6-inch diameter paperboard tubing, a small circle of plastic window screen fastened over the top of the tube and a small piece of polyethylene sheeting in which a 1-inch slit has been cut as illustrated. The paperboard tube with the window screen on top and catkins inside is placed on a series of standard sieves. The sizes used in extracting aspen seed are from top to bottom, 20-mesh, 20-mesh, 40-mesh and 60-mesh. Next, the sheet of polyethylene is placed over the window screen to prevent the seed from flying out.

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Author(s): Dean W. Einspahr, Donald Schlafke

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 28 (1957)