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Comparing Planting Tools for Container Longleaf Pine

Leduc, D. J., Haywood, J. D., and Sung, S.-J. S. Tree Planters' Notes 54(1):24-27. 2011.

We examined if compressing the soil to make a planting hole with a custom-built, solid round dibble versus coring the soil with a commercially available tube dibble influenced container-grown longleaf pine seedling development differently. Seven teen months after planting, the planting tool did not significantly affect root collar diameter, shoot or root mass, root-to-shoot ratio, or root system length. Seedlings planted with the solid round dibble, however, had significantly greater numbers of first-order lateral roots and better root system architecture. The light soil texture on the study site was likely an influencing factor in the relative performance between the two planting tools.

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Author(s): Daniel J. Leduc, James D. Haywood, Shi-Jean Susana Sung

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 54, Number 1 (2011)

Volume: 54

Number: 1

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