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Addition of Organic Matter to a Nursery Soil

The forest tree nursery at Dryden, Ontario (about 150 miles northwest of Thunder Bay) is located in a dry sandy esker. After many years of production, the quality of the stock was apparently gradually declining, perhaps due to exhaustion of the organic matter. The normal soil treatment (the addition of 200 cubic yards per acre of peat) as a seedbed preparation procedure, and the normal fertilizer practice (15 pounds of nitrogen (N) at 2-week intervals during the growing season) did not prevent this deterioration. These amounts were recommended by the central laboratory at the Head Office in Toronto, as a result of the soil and plant analyses from samples collected yearly.

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Author(s): G. Brown, T. Myland

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volume 30, Number 1 (1979)

Section: general

Volume: 30

Number: 1