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Tree Inventory Program Saves Time

Nursery stock inventories at the Coeur d'Alene National Forest Nursery in Idaho that once took days to compile by hand are now completed in a few hours with a recently developed computer program, called TREINV. Using data from inventory plots taken in the seedbeds, the program computes the present inventory and the projected inventory based on mortality estimates. It compares the inventory figures with last year's inventory (if the trees are more than 1 year old) and with the number of trees that were requisitioned by the National Forest. The nurseryman and the forest officers can see at a glance how much mortality has occurred in the lot and whether there will be too many or too few trees to meet anticipated needs.

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Author(s): James E. Space, Stephen E. McDonald

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volume 24, Number 1 (1973)

Volume: 24

Number: 1