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Sprayer-Equipped Planter Applies Herbicides at Planting Time

Competition from vegetation, particularly the grass species, has long been recognized as a major factor in mortality of planted forest tree seedlings in Southwestern Ontario. Traditionally, scalpers mounted on tree planting machines have been employed to overcome the competition problem. Their use often results in conditions which may be far more detrimental to seedling survival than the competition being controlled. For example, the trenches created provide idealconditions for the free passage of rodents. The scalping process also displaces the fertile top soil as well as undesirable sod. Exposed soil may allow temperatures to build up to levels lethal to young seedlings.

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Author(s): R. C. A. Gilbert

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 23, Number 2 (1972)

Volume: 23

Number: 2

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