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Horizontal Plantings of Sycamore Cuttings

Sycamore can be regenerated by laying cuttings horizontally in furrows and covering them with soilsimilar to planting sugar cane. Our interest in the possible use of this planting method was stimulated by the search for a better and cheaper way to establish the highdensity stands proposed for the production of "silage sycamore." This method of fiber production calls for an initial stocking of almost 11,000 trees per acre at a spacing of 1 by 4 feet. At this density, the cost of planting stock alone would almost preclude the use of seedlings.

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Author(s): Robert G. McAlpine, Donal D. Hook, Paul P. Kormanik

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 23, Number 2 (1972)

Volume: 23

Number: 2

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