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12X12 Initial Spacings Best in Cottonwood Plantations

Most of the 30,000 acres of eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides Bartr.) plantations in the lower Mississippi River Valley had initial tree spacings of 9 by 9 or 10 by 10 feet. These spacings were thought adequate for both cordwood and sawtimber production without precommercial treatment, were convenient for first-year mechanical cultivation, and provided adequate stocking if only two-thirds of the trees survived.2 This report summarizes 7 years of growth data from a plantation near Fitler, Miss., which indicate that a 12by 12-foot spacing may be near optimum.

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Author(s): Roger M. Krinard

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 22, Number 4 (1971)

Volume: 22

Number: 4

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