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Sweetgum Grafting

Bench grafting of sweetgum during spring and summer months has been relatively successful. Grafts were made using 1-year-old seedlings as rootstock and 1- year-old branchwood of a dwarf sweetgum as scion material. Scions were collected in winter and stored in closed polyethylene bags in a refrigerator for up to 140 days without apparent harm. Seedlings, growing in 1-gallon cans, which had broken dormancy in the greenhouse in March or were in full leaf in July, were decapitated and scions were grafted by the cleft, whip-and-tongue, or T-bud method. Stock and scion diameters were equal in the former two methods to assure cambial contact on both sides of the cut. Graft unions were wrapped with rubber bands and the entire, dormant scion and the wrapped graft union were coated with lanolin.

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Author(s): Klaus Steinbeck

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volume 21, Number 1 (1970)

Volume: 21

Number: 1